This comes after signed of Undisputed DJSTUPID _
Finally the most anticipated VERY FIRST SURPRISING single is here. has finally been released to fans. a brand new catchy tune from dj stupid ft lizzu . He titles this "DANCE FIRE" and Kudos to PEDDY on this for the production. has is finally available online for downloads after the long wait,And Requesting dj stupid to drop his single , the song has been receiving massive air play and gaining love across Nigeria.
DANCE FIRE is a party-groovy tune with catchy and easy sing -.mind you recently Fast rising Disk Jockey " DJ STUPID WAS signed Into New LABEL /ENT GROUP. (Ofhand ) We belive sky is the limit in 2016 for (undisputed dj stupid EUROPE BASED NIGERIA DJ Set to FT other artist in his coming tracks.

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