J.LAZ, born John Silas, is a music producer with a uniquely refreshing sound. In 2008 he started his professional career and mastered the art of music production under the legendary WOLE ONI. Through the years the fast rising unique music producer has worked with many artists both in the gospel and circular sector such as KYMO, YUNG6IX, MZ KISS, SPLASH, OGWAFANTASTIK, NONNY, TONY AKALUSI, PAPTEE, SUCHMAN and many more.
As an act of giving back, he's dropping a free beat titled 'LOVIN UR BAWDY' from his upcoming FALUYA MASTER EP project. If you are an artist, he challenges you to download the beat and record your own song using the beat. The Artist with the best song will have the great opportunity to have a song produced by J.Laz Beats which will receive free internet promotion.

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